Building Resiliency in the Corporation

2 Hour Workshop  
Building resilience for a stronger, healthier, happier organization!

What Will You Gain From The Workshop? 

Understanding Stress

    • What stresses the body

      • Looking at life stressors (self-reflection)

    • How does stress affect the body

Everyday Tools to Optimize Your Health

      • Nutrition

        • Review of Standard American Diet (SAD diet) and why it affects our health

        • How to implement a whole foods diet and research reflecting benefits

      • Simple movement and exercise 

        • Research to show benefits

        • How to start incorporating activity into your day 

      • Thoughts and emotions 

        • Research reflecting how thoughts and emotions affect us

        • Toolbox of techniques to manage thoughts and emotions 

      • Mind-body practices and their benefits

      • How to make it all work for you

  • Participants practice techniques including mindfulness (meditation, qigong), EFT and self reflection and much more!

  • Handout with resources and toolbox of strategies to take home.

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Corporate Mindfulness Classes

Qigong and Meditation

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