Life’s challenges are necessary to enable us to grow as individuals, but it’s important for us to have the tools to bounce back.  As a physician and through her own life experiences, Salima has learned  the importance of the mind-body connection in overall wellness. Salima’s resiliency journey started long ago when she began to develop an interest in wellness and lifestyle practices that offered options to deal with stress. Salima has gathered many tools that help build resiliency by learning and researching a variety of techniques, training as a yoga, meditation and qigong teacher, and taking nutrition and Functional Medicine courses.

What Salima loves to do most is share skills that help build resiliency. Her experience as a physician in addition to her passion for lifestyle practices has taught her that these skills help us to thrive despite the challenges we face in life. So what is resiliency? Resiliency is that ability to bounce back, when life knocks you down. It adds quality to your life by allowing you to find joy in each day. It's the ability to feel satisfied, peaceful and happy no matter what. It’s that feeling of being grounded and certain, so that you can approach any challenge from calmness and creativity instead of fear and panic.  

Salima would love to share these tools with you so that you too can live a joyful life! So go ahead…click that button below and get ready for more joy, more smiles and most of all a more resilient you!

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Crush It For Cancer 2019

I’m excited to be part of CRUSH-IT FOR CANCER
Saturday, March 30 2019, where teams will explore fitness and wellness practices, including Qigong! This event will help raise funds for the Ottawa Cancer Foundation to better support cancer care in the Ottawa Region. Interested in participating? Register here.

Harvard Medical School Course

Harvard Meditation Conference

This intensive meditation conference was amazing and I am eager to share what I learned! Meditation is such an amazing tool for managing stress and building reslieincy.

Stay tuned for pearls in upcoming blog posts.